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Pole Barn Packages

Pole Barn Package

Pole/Post framing and Pole/Post buildings, commonly known as POLE BARNS, are a building that is supported by vertical poles/post buried in the ground. Designed for Agricultural use, the Pole Barn is one of the most inexpensive, versatile structures available today. It’s sturdy post and purling framing with metal skin makes for quick building and long life. They are designed with maximum ventilation in mind to keep condensation to a minimum. Because of this, they are often used for storage of hay or farm equipment. Trusses and “Purlins” are added to the top post to support the roof. Wall purlins connect to the post horizontally. This creates a skeleton structure. That skeleton is covered with metal to create the modern Pole Barn. Since there is no necessity for a floor or foundation, it is the most economical building you can build.

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