Before you spend the time and money on a full log home, consider log siding. Our siding might be just the look you’re after.

Enjoy the many benefits of this durable product. Since the materials are “Kiln Dried” rather than air dried, the beauty of the finish will remain. Without the trapped moisture, checking and cracking will be prevented, making heating and cooling more economical.

Attractive and affordable, our Log Siding gives your house the look of a log home. From exterior to interior, we supply all your home dreams. You can enjoy the warmth of wood in every room with our interior products. In addition to the exterior beauty, our Log Siding allows for a full range of interior decorating techniques. Interior log siding or beautiful tongue and groove Car Siding can all be utilized because your home’s structure is entirely conventional. Choose from tongue and groove 1″x6″ or 1″x8″ Knotty Pine Car Siding for walls and ceilings.

By re-siding the exterior of your home with our Log Siding, you can have the look and feel of a brand new log home without the enormous costs of building or the hassle of moving. This is most popular among our customers who already own a conventional house, but have always dreamed of owning their very own log home. Our log siding is a solid wood siding with a high profile pattern for a true log appearance. We use only kiln dried lumber. It is then molded and shaped, reducing the possibility of shrinkage and checking. The elegant look of natural wood is the perfect accent to any home’s exterior.

Our Log Siding may also be used on any interior wall for the beautiful finish only real wood provides. Now you can have that cozy den or true country-style kitchen that you’ve always dreamed of! Use it on the inside and outside of your conventional home to create the look of a traditional log cabin but with the added comfort of conventional wall insulation between you and the weather elements. It’s perfect for those who love the full log look but still want the interior design flexibility a conventional home offers. Now you can choose between drywall, paneling, wallpaper, Car Siding or Log Siding, and can all be utilized for a unique interior style all your own. Because wood is a natural insulator, real wood siding provides a significant amount of additional insulation that other sidings do not.

So what is it going to cost, you ask? Prices of raw materials fluctuates almost daily. Because of this, customers should call or see our current add for an updated price. All our products are available at the lowest prices possible. Also, we sell our Log Siding by the lineal or running foot. It is available in 12′ and 16′ lengths. Customers can special order 10′ and 14′ pieces. All Delivery charges and Sales Taxes are extra.

Cedar Siding: We offer 1×8 Beveled Cedar siding.

Non-Wood Fiber Cement Siding: We offer Non-Wood Fiber Cement siding.

T1-11 Siding:We offer 4X8 T111 siding.


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